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Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The Episode starts with Yuvaan asking Baby why is she driving so slow. He stops the car and says I can run faster than your car. He runs out. Goons follow them. Goon asks Baby not to worry, Yuvaan will deliver the drugs, I don’t want him to die, as the drugs are very costly. Suhani and Yuvraaj are on the way. Suhani says maybe Yuvaan was under that white cloth. He says no, don’t worry. She says I m scared, will Lord give me a son and snatch another. He says we have to find him. She says yes, Lord will not make him away.

Yuvaan runs to the jungle road. Suhani sees the man who lied to them, and tells Yuvraaj to stop the car. She says we have seen that man, Yuvaan was under that cloth, they killed Yuvaan, they snatched our son. He drives the car to follow that man. Goons and Baby follow

Yuvaan. Baby says Yuvaan’s stomach is aching, I think he can’t deliver drugs. Yuvaan falls down by the ache. He starts running again. He comes towards the main road and falls on Yuvraaj’s car. Yuvraaj and Suhani get shocked seeing him. Baby gets worried.

Suhani says Yuvaan is alive. They get down the car and hold Yuvaan, asking what happened. Baby thinks what to do now, if they know truth then…. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to call doctor fast. She asks Yuvaan are you fine. Yuvaan says you go from here, I don’t need your help. He thinks sorry Maa, I can’t tell you the truth. The man asks his goons to run fast. They leave Baby alone.

Baby thinks what to do now, I have to come out of this problem any way. She acts to call out Yuvaan and find him. Suhani and Yuvraaj see Baby. Yuvraaj calls her out. Baby comes to them and says thank God you found us. Yuvraaj and Suhani take them in the car.

They get Yuvaan to hospital. Doctor checks Yuvaan and thinks what’s on his stomach. Suhani asks Baby what happened in jungle, how did Yuvaan get in this state. Baby says some goons at dhaba kidnapped us, they asked big ransom to free me, but Yuvaan refused to take money from Birla family, as you supported Saiyyam, he did not wish to keep relation with you. Everyone come there. Baby says Yuvaan thinks Suhani is Saiyyam’s mom, not his mom, we have run away from goons, then you got Yuvaan. Suhani says Baby is saying they got kidnapped.

Yuvaan gets critical. Nurse shouts to doctor. Doctor checks Yuvaan and gives him injection. Suhani says I have sent my son towards death, I did much bad with him, I had other ways to solve this, why did I show anger, I did mistake. She prays for Yuvaan, and says if anything happens between Saiyyam and Yuvaan, I will stay in different home with Saiyyam. Dadi asks why are you crying now, you did not listen to anyone. Doctor comes to them and says we gave medicine to Yuvaan, but he is responding slowly, his stomach…. Baby says he got hurt while saving me. Doctor says sorry, its police case. Yuvraaj says I know, Sharad went to police station to give details. Doctor says we will save patient’s life, its our duty, after checking him, I felt he took drugs. Baby says yes, the goons gave us drugs to stop us from running away.

Dadi asks Baby did they give drugs to both of you, if Yuvaan got affected, why did nothing happen to you. Baby says everyone’s body is not same, that’s why, you feel I m lying, he is my husband, we got saved. She sits crying.

Suhani prays to Lord and recalls Yuvaan’s childhood. She says I neglected my son to look after other son, maybe I was wrong to bring Saiyyam and Yuvaan together. Baby sees her and thinks what will she plan now. Yuvaan gets conscious and says I m feeling better now. Doctor asks what happened with you. Yuvaan recalls and says I need to talk to my mum.

Yuvani asks Dadi why did you ask Baby. Dadi says I did not find her story true. Yuvani says Baby is his wife. Dadi says we have to be careful, Yuvaan is affected by drugs, Baby could not answer me. Yuvani says I will keep an eye on Baby. Dadi says I m glad. Nurse says patient wants to meet his mum. Dadi says I will meet him first. Nurse says he asked for his mum. Yuvani says I will call mum.

Suhani says I made my son realize that I don’t need him, maybe Yuvaan will get fine after Saiyyam gets away, I will get away now. Yuvani comes and says Yuvaan got conscious, he is calling you. Suhani gets glad. Baby thinks what will Yuvaan tell her, he will ruin my plan.

Baby stops Suhani. Suhani says I m going to meet Yuvaan. Baby says no, I will meet him first, sorry to say, you made us leave, he was angry with you, if he asks you to choose between him and Saiyyam, you will choose Saiyyam, he will feel bad, first make Saiyyam away and then come to Yuvaan. Yuvaan thinks I did big mistake. Baby comes to him. Bhavna asks are you mad, fights happen, it does not mean we don’t meet children. Suhani says Yuvaan did not ask help from us, I forced him to hate us, he is hurting himself. Bhavna asks how will you manage this. Suhani says I will talk to Yuvraaj and leave him. Bhavna gets shocked.

Baby says Suhani will support us. Yuvaan gets annoyed with him. He comes out of ward and asks Suhani to talk to him. Suhani looks at him.

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