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Raina reaches asur sthal and shouts Rishab….She sees Mohini on floor injured and calling her. Mohini says she is unfit to even apologize her or Rishab, her own son pushed her into death trap, she desired this punishment. She tells he will come and she should be careful. Raina asks who. She says Narsimha and dies. Raina leaves asur sthal crying.

Raina wanders in jungle crying that she could not save Rishab and lost him again. She reminisces her nok jhok with Rishab and cries. She sees Rishab injured on floor calling her and runs towards him. She hugs him and cries and says he is alive, she thought he is dead. Rishab ges unconscious. Raina takes Rishab back home. Daadi, Nalin, Ved and Mitali surround him. Ved says he cannot believe bhai is back again. Mitali says

after Mohini’s heinous act, Raina has gone for her last rights. Raina returns and says she had to go as Mohini bought up Rishab. Nalin asks Raina if Brahmarakshas did not come for last rights. Raina says he had come, but stone’s power kept him away. Nalin asks where is that stone. She says she does not know, it must be in asur sthal.

Nalin thinks of finding stone in asur sthal before Kiara and others. Kammo and Yug hear his conversation and run towards asur sthal first. Kiara acalls Nalin and asks if he wanted to find stone without her. He says no. They both reach asur sthal. Kiara says they did not bring holy ash, so she will bring it. Nalin says it is okay and they both start searching stone. They find Kammo and Yug also there and ask each other what are they doing here. Kiara asks to stop drama, they all came here to find stone and should search it. Yug shows a common stone. Nalin says it is not green one. Kiara says she will whish Kammo as she may have hidden stone. Kammo hesitates. Rishab asks Kiara to go ahead and Kammo runs. Rishab goes behind her.

Rishab wakes up. Raina gets emotional and helps him sit. He smiles and asks if she is fine. She says this should be her dialogue and hugs him. She says she was very much afraid and never worried like ths much before. Brahmarakshas wakes up in asur sthal and roars that Narsimha is somewhere around him. Rishab writhes in pain. Raina asks what happened, he is feeling pain maybe due to being in stone. Daadi cries that this family snatched her whole family and only Rishab is alive, she will not let him do anything.

In the morning, Nalin shows stone’s pic to villagers and says whoever brings stone will be rewarded 5 lakhs. Villagers ask what is in this stone. He says he will inform later. Yu questions Rishab about stone. Rishab says he does not know, when he woke up outside asur sthal, he found Naina in front of him who brought him home, stone must be in asur sthal. Naina returns with breakfast for Rishhab and Yug walks out. Rishab writhes in pain again and Naina gets concerned.

Village boys play with stone and throw green stone on a villager. He yells, but looking at green stone and silently picks it. Nalin calls and asks if he found stone. He says no and walks towards pawn broker’s shop. Kammo also walks in after stealing jewelry and is surprised to see stone there. She says she will come later, goes and swithes off lights, and steals it. She then goes and shows it to Yug. Yug asks her to give it to him, Brahmarakshas will kill her else. She laughs if he thihnks Brahmarakshas will kill her. Daadi opens cupboard to keep sari and half stone present there brightens. Kammo’s stone also brightens. Rishab feels energetic with stone’s power, bu once daadi closes door and Rishab falls down on bed again. Kammo tells Yug they should try stone on Brahmarakshas first. Stone’s brightness vanishes and they both get tensed.

Rishab dreams of running in darkness with Narsimha behind him and pleadingg Raina to get him out. He wakes up from sleep worried. Raina comes and hugs him and asks what happened. He says he saw narsimha. She asks him to sleep and makes him sleep. She then imagines green stone bursting and prays god to protect Rishab.

Kammo with Yug reaches asur sthal and orders Brahmarakshas to come. Brahmarakshas comes roaring. She orders him to come under her control. Yug says Brahmarakshas is not a waiter to obey her order like this, takes stone in his hand and orders. Brahmarakshas pushes and stone falls. Brahmarakshas picks stone and says this is broken one and of no use. Kammo runs pushing Yug. Brahmarakshas tries to break stone and shouts why it is not breaking. Yug says he does not know. Brahmarakshas this stone is powerless, he will kill Yug now and will enter his body to get Raina’s blood. He lifts Yug in air and kills him shouting he will suck Raina’s blood and will become immortal, nobody can stop him then.

Raina opens door hearing knock. Kammo enters and says Brahmarakshas has returned and will kill them, asks her to close all windows and tries to close door, but Yug pushes door and enters. Kammo asks if he is alive. Yug says if she should have died, she threw him in front of Brahmarakshas. She apologizes and closes door. Yug sees Raina in kitchen, she cuts her finger while cutting something and wipes it and then goes to her room. Yug thinks he has tow ait for sometime. He then walks on stairs and due to stone in his pocket and one in cupboard starts feeling pain and turning into Brahmarakshas. Raina enters Yug’s room and opens window curtains to see bright lights from narismha mandir. Rishab is seen turning into Nasimha with grey eyes. Raina goes out. Both stones unite and get into Rishab’s hand. Rishab holds it and falls unconscious. Daadi sees Yug on floor and calls everyone. Ved and Nalin pick him and as what happened to him. Yug scratches Raina’s neck and apologizes. Raina saays it is okay. Nalin and Ved take Yug to his room. Daadi asks Raina if she is fine. She says yes. Daadi a*s her to go and be with Rishab.

Rishab wakes up and reminisces what happened some time ago, thinks when did he sleep again. He looks himself into mirror and sees all his injuries healed, this what is happening to him. He walks towards window. Raina comes and asks what is he doing, why did he wake up from bed. Rishab says he wants to go to narsimha mandir, something is there. Raina makes him sit on bed. Daadi enters and says she lost all her family and does not want to lose Rishab, she will not let him go anywhere. Raina asks him to rest and have daadi’s prepared turmeric milk.

Yug angrily walks into his room and looking into mirror shouts he attacked her…He feels headache and falls unconscious. Brahmarakshas in mirror shouts he will attack Raina and kill her, will not go from this house until he ges Raina’s blood. Kammo calls Yug and thinks why he is not picking call. Ved passes by, but someone shuts Kammo’s mouth and pulls her aside. Ved leaves.

Rishab on his bed reminisces againn getting narsimha stone and starts searching it. He finds it under his bed and his eyes turn grey. Raina comes and gives him turmeric milk and asks him to relax. He pushes Raina and she falls on sofa.

Kanakaraj on knife’s point orders Kammo to tell where stone is, else he will kill her. She says it is in her bag, but it is not working. Kanakaraj shows temple and says it is stone’s power, she should give him stone, else he will kill her. Kammo says that stone is with Yug. He says she will take him to haveli and drags her.

Rishab shouts at Raina to stay away from him and falls unconscious again. Raina thinks it is because of being in stone. She hears door bell and walks to living room. Kammo requests Nalinn to hire her back as maid. Raina says she stole jewelry and money, so she will not be hired here. Nalin says they need maid, daadi says same. Raina says she will work. Daadi says she already has lot of work. Kammo says she needs increment. Daadi says she will not give a single extra paisa. Nalin says okay, he will give 100 rs more. Daadi says no. Kammo agrees and signals Nalin towards Kanakaraj hiding neaar pillar.

Raina goes back to Rishab’s room and falls asleep on sofa. Rishab wakes up and looks at stone again. He gets up from bed and walks. Brahmarakshas in Yug’s room roars that it is time to get Raina’s blood, he will suck her blood and become immortal. He gets out of room. Kanakaraj onn the other side thinks he has to find out stone tonight itself. Rishab walks out of house and thinks he has to go to narsimha mandir, then thinks why he has to go, feels severe headache and thinks what is happening to him. Brahmarakshas walks into Rishab’s room, but stops due to stone power. Raina panics and calls Rishab pleads to save hr. Kanakaraj looks at Brahmarakshas and thinks why Brahmarakshas is not entering room, something is wrong. Brahmarakshas thinks stone’s powers are very strong, he cannot kill Raina now and escape. Raina runs down and calls Daadi and Nalin. They both ask what happened. She says Brahmarakshas was in front of her. Nalin asks if he spared her. She says yes, she does not know why he could not enter room. Ved asks if Rishab is fine. Raina says he is not in his room. Mitali findss Rishab in lawn and informs family. Family runs towards him. Kanakaraj hiding thinks some power is stoppingg Brahmarakshas from attacking Raina, means stone is in Rishab’s room. Ved calls doc and walks back to Rishab. Raina and Daadi pick Rishab and sk wha happened to him, how did he come here. Nalin also ask if he is fine. Daadi applies ointnemnt to Rishab’s injury. Ved says he spoke to doc who told Rishab must have walked in sleep, nothing to worry. They all carry Rishab. Rishab walks looking at narsimha mandir. Kanakaraj watches hiding.

Daadi sees Yug sweating and asks what happened to him. Yug says he saw a bad dream, woke up and found her in front of him. She asks to take god’s name and sleep. He looks into mirro and closes door. Kanakarajj wahces him hiding.

Raina asks Rishab why did he go to lawn at midnight. He says he does not know, why he went, he is fine now. Raina says after waking up tomorrow, she will do shanti pooja for Mohini as she bought up rishab, another work is…Stone glows and Rishab pushes her down. Raina asks why did he push her again. Rishab gets back to senses and asks what did he do, if she is hurt, where. She shows her heart and says here, asks what is he hiding from her. He says nothing and sleeps back. Saathiya ye tune kya kiya…music…plays in the background. Raina tries to leave. Rishab holds her hand and asks what she wanted to do next. She says she wants to call doc for his complete checkup. Doc checks Rishab and nothing to worry, he is fine, he is afraid of the recent events and will be fine. He leaves and Raina thanks him. Rishab asks Raina to leave him alone. She walks crying and closes door from outside. Rishab thinks what is happening to him, he needs to find out.

Kanakaraj enters Sudha’s room. Sudha looks at him. Kanakaraj thinks Kammo told Sudha is dumb, so he is safe. Sudha gets angry and tries to wake up. Kanakaraj starts searching something inn cupboard. Yug enters room and Kanakaraj panics. Yug asks if he found stone. Kanakaraj stammers. Yug shouts if he found stone or not, he starts turning into Brahmarakshas and falls down. Brahmarakshas comes out and holding Kanakaraj’s neck orders him to obey his order if he wants to be alive.

Raina goes to Daadi’s room and asks if she is fine. She says she is fine, whenever she tried to hold her family, only bad happened. Earlier her son and Sudha went, then Rakhi. Rishab went and came back, but…Raina says she will not let anything happen to Rishab. Daadi asks what is Rishab doing. Raina says he is resting in his room, she will go and check. She enters Rishab’s room and does not find him. She calls his number and phone rings on bed. She informs Daadi. Ved comes and says bhaiya is not in lawn. Mitali says she searched whole whole. Raina thinks where he must have gone. Kammo calls Kanakaraj and asks if he knows where Rishab is. He yells not to waste his time and leaves. Brahmarakshas roars where is Kanakaraj, he needs stone and Naina’s blood and wants to become immortal.

Rishab walks towards narsimha parbat. Kanakaraj follows him and thinks why he came here. Rishab looks back and Kanakaraj hides. Rishab’s body starts changing and he turns into Narsimha and roars. He reaches narsima mandir and roars looking at idol. Kanakaraj follows him hiding. Rishab roars that he cannot be defeated. Raina seaarches Rishab in village. Daadi calls her and she informs Daadi that she did not find Rishab yet. Phuli finds Naina in village nd asks what is she doing here, today is puran maasi night and anything can happen, she should return home. Raina continues searching Rishab. Narishma senses Kanakaraj behind pillar and pulls him out via his signal and ties him to pillar, then roars. Brahmarakshas feels headache hearing roar. He wakes up in Yug’s body and shouts if he has to be alive, he has to get stone or Raina’s blood. He finds Raina via his superpowers and shouts to catch Raina and get more powerful to control Narsimha. Raina finds a boy in jungle and asks what is he doing here, thinks his life is at risk and she has to take him home. She asks boy where is his house. He extends his hand. Raina holds it and walks with him. He takes her in the middle of jungle and turns into Brahmarakshas.

Precap: Narsimha roars and looks at Raina unconscious on floor.

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