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Maheesh warns Shivangi and leaves. Ruudra enters next. Shivangi says they have to find out who this man is and why he has come here. She goes to living room. Maheesh gathers family, brings juice and liquor and glasses and says everyone that they will play a game today. Youngsters ask what game it is. He says if one of them asks question like he/she did not copy in exams, whoever has done it will sip juice/liquor. Shivangi asks what is the catch. He says whoever does not do the task will have to accept whatever punishment is given. He gives glasses to everyone. Gaurav says he did not have crusth on English teacher. Nobody sips juice except him finishing whole glass. Aaliya asks if he was in love so much with his teacher that he gulped whole glass. Maheesh says it is

his turn and says he did not steal diamond. Yamini sips juice. Aaliya asks if she stole diamond. Yamini says her mom’s jewelry like anyone does and keep it back too. Maheesh asks Shivangi if he stole anything. Shivangi says no. Rocky comes down. Aaliya insists him to join. Maheesh asks him to sit next to bhabhiji. He then asks if someone has changed their identity. Manav says he has and his and his wife’s jokergiri starts. Maheesh insists Shivangi to tell if she hid her identity. Shivangi says no. Mahesh insists hard. Rocky says if she said no, then no. Aaliya says bhai saved bhabi again, they have do the task now. Maheesh fumes in anger. They ask Shivangi and Rocky to dance. They both dance on Tera maqaam bulleya….song…

Maheesh silently leaves. Shivangi follows him thinking she knew he is not normal and has one more identity. Maheesh gets into his cave and angrily roars at his caged guru. Shivangi sis shocked to see him changing from human to buffallo and realizes he is the same Maheeshasur. Maheesh angrily bumps his guru into air and severely injures him. Guru flies high and falls down severely injury. Maheesh then walks back. Shivangi turns into snake and hides. He senses someone around, but leaves. Shivangi gets back to human form and asks guru who is he. He says he is Maheesh’s guru. She asks why did Maheesh injure him and how can she save him. Guru says he cannot be saved as he made Maheesh very powerful and now has nagmani with him, Maheesh needs his hrn back which some nag/nagin has stolen. Shivangi realizes Maheesh came to her house to take back his horn. She asks guru why he needs horn. Guru says Maheesh can die only via hishorn. Shivangi asks how. Guru dies before saying anything.

Shivangi goes to shiv mandir and tells guruji and Rudra that Maheesh is same mahishasur who came to take back his horn. His guru told that he can be destroyed only via his hoorn. Guruji tries to break, burn, destroy horn by all means but cannot. He says this cannot be destroy by any means. Maheesh feels severe pain while horn is tried to be destroyed and yells what Shivangi is doing with horn. Rudra asks Shivangi to go home as it is morning and Rocky may wake up any time. Shivangi goes back to her room as snake. Mahesh tries to peep into their room, but youngsters catch him and ask him to plan Gaurav birthday like he planned party. Maheesh fumes but tells them his plan yelling in mind these kids are pestering too much. Rocky looks at his blazer gift bought for Gaurav. Shivangi says gift is good but not best, he should gift Gaurav something he can relate with. He asks like. She says handycam and reminds him about their first meeting in a garage, Gaurav recording the moment, etc. They both get emotional and hug each other, Rocky then gets conscious reminiscing Shivangi telling Rudra that she wants to get away from Rocky and leaves.

Yamini in her usual overacting style tells Shesha that she has gone old and canno do anything to Maheesh bull. Drama enuses between Shesha, Yamini, and Avantika. Shesha shows bull injection and says this is tranquilizer to hypnotize Maheesh. They both go down and Shesha acting as seducing Maheesh tries to inject tranquilizer but someone pushes her and she injects Yamini. Yamini’s drama continues and Avanitak takes her to her room.

Shivangi goes to terrace. Maheesh comes and asks her to give his horn, else he will inform family that she is nagin. Shivangi says he can go down and inform them, but she will not give him, he can do anything. He angrily tries to strangulate her. She pushes him and warns to give her nagmani if he needs horn. Maheesh leaves fuming.

Sesha and Avantika see Yamini acting weird after tranquilizer injection. Shesha yells anyone would have fallen asleep, but nothing happened to this fat old woman. Drama ensues. Yamini continues acting. Family lady comes and asks Yamini to come down soon as guests have come for party and there is nothing to eat. Yamini continues acting as bull. Drama continues. Sesha and Avantika take her down into party venue and yell to drop her down and tell that she slipped.

Rocky gifts handy caam to Gaurav. Gaurav gets really happy seeing it and says in fact he was saving money to buy it. Shivangi says his brother got him a good gift. Gaurav says he knows it is Shivangi’s idea. He looks at Shivangi and Rocky’s first meeting video on his mobile and thiks of making proper video. Maheesh watches video with him. Gaurav says bhai and bhai love each other too much. Gaurav tells him how and when Shivangi and Rocky met, etc., and says bhabhi loves bhai more than bhai and tells him how shivangi used to cry when Rocky met with an accident. Shivangi sees Rocky outside and asks what is he doing here. He asks if she wants to take someone’s life.

Precap: No precap today.

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